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Human Reproduction

Topics for "Human Reproduction"

  • LJ Human Reproduction 41

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    Programs that provide medical, educational and counseling services which relate to the conception, delivery and care of children.

  • LJ-2000 Family Planning 33

    Programs that provide assistance for people who want to control the size of their families and the spacing of their children, usually through some form of birth control; who want to explore options for conceiving; who have a problem with infertility; or who have questions about the advisability of becoming pregnant or following through with a current pregnancy.

  • LJ-5000 Mother and Infant Care 6

    Programs that prepare expectant mothers for childbirth and provide health care services for mothers and infants during pregnancy and following birth.

  • LJ-8000 Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education 2

    Programs that provide information about the physiological and emotional aspects of human sexuality including anatomy and physiology, puberty, pregnancy, birth control, sexually transmitted infections and the subsequent risk of infertility, menopause and the attitudes, feelings and behaviors that are related to sexuality for people of all ages.